Transactional Analysis (TA)

I took an additional qualification in this approach at Manchester Institute of Psychotherapy because I find TA has a lot to offer humans who are struggling with issues about self-esteem, self-belief, relationships, family, communication, working on issues from childhood or growing up. It can help you to go deeper into how you became the person you are. It can help you to understand and own the changes you want to make to your ‘life-script’.

TA is a very comprehensive approach which incorporates aspects of humanistic, cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic therapies. It is a model of human personality and looks at how human beings relate to each other. TA has three ‘ego-states’, Parent, Adult and Child. Knowing about these states in your own context helps you understand how you interact with others. It can give you a new sense of personal power.

TA helps you to interpret your beliefs and your view of the world around you. It helps you to see how these beliefs about yourself and the world around you have created recurring patterns for you. TA helps you to gain insights into the way you see yourself and how you respond to people. TA gives you much greater understanding of yourself and how you want your life and relationships to be.