Couples Counselling

You might be looking for couple counselling if:
You are constantly bickering and arguing over even the smallest things.
You struggle to talk about your relationship – it could end up in another argument.
You feel you are drifting apart.
You are struggling to regain trust after an affair.
You wonder if you matter to your partner any more.
You are unhappy with your sex-life.
You are starting to resent each other.
You are not sure how to navigate big life changes.
You are unable to parent without conflict and feeling you’re not on the same page.
You don’t want to separate, but it seems like the only option.
You feel they never listen…

Couple Counselling can help by:
Giving you space and time to focus on your relationship.
Giving you respect, safety and support while you face painful issues.
Giving you the confidence to talk about the issues you’ve been avoiding.
Giving you feedback on your ways of relating and communicating.
Giving you insights into how past experiences and relationships play out here & now.
Giving you shared experience of generous listening.
Giving you training in communication and listening skills.
Giving you the challenge you need to face problematic behaviours and change them.
Giving you ways of showing appreciation, empathy and intimacy building.
Giving you time to work out strategies for tackling life together.
Giving you new perspectives and a renewed relationship.
Giving you an opportunity to accept what has happened and move towards a more positive future.

Couples Testimonials

Couple - Face to Face, 30s
My husband and I had counselling with Annmarie to help us understand each other and ourselves better and to navigate our marriage. Annmarie was incredible. There was no judgement, and we were able to speak our minds freely, which we would have struggled with to be open and honest with each other without Annmarie’s guidance. We had quite a few topics to work through and ended up with weekly sessions over the course of a few months. We’re now a year on, and we still work on our marriage every day, and use the techniques we learnt during our sessions. I have recommended Annmarie to friends and would recommend her to anyone else considering counselling. We’re in a much better place now thanks to our sessions with Annmarie and our dedication to each other.              

Couple - Face to Face, 60s
Our couple counselling sessions helped to save our marriage.  

Couple - Face to Face, 50s
I wanted to start couple counselling because our relationship was at a crossroads. Our children were grown and we had time to be us again. Over the years we had drifted and both of us felt that we didn’t matter as much to our partner. Annmarie was very warm and made us feel we were in safe hands. The sessions were actually more challenging than either of us expected. We started talking to each other again and using the listening skills Annmarie showed us. She kept us on track, these sessions stopped us from drifting further apart and separating, we’re much closer now and looking forward to our future together.

Couple - Face to Face, 40s
We came to couple counselling when we were starting to resent each other. We knew we needed some help because our relationship felt like it was just ‘going through the motions’. One of us had an emotional affair and we tried to talk about it, but it was hard finding enough time and space with busy family life. Working with Annmarie gave us time and space. I was unsure as I had never had therapy before, so it was daunting to start with. Annmarie was very easy to communicate with. She helped us to listen to each other and challenged us when we needed it. Couple counselling has helped us understand and appreciate the other person’s point of view and Annmarie taught us skills which we can use in various scenarios. I would most definitely recommend couple counselling.

Couple - Face to Face
We came to couple counselling to help improve our marriage, with better conflict resolution, having a better connection and understanding each other more.  

Annmarie is very easy to work with. She made us feel comfortable and we knew we could trust her. She is very knowledgeable and spoke with us both equally.

Through counselling we gained our relationship back. We learnt to communicate better in our marriage, we learnt each other's triggers. We got our connection back. We have a better understanding of each other.

We 100% would recommend counselling.  Such a good investment, worth every penny to help create a happier home and marriage. Every couple would benefit from counselling if they are willing to work at understanding each other and committing to regular counselling sessions.

Me & my husband are a team again now, choosing to love each other more and more.  We have learnt that having a family is a beautiful thing but it did mean we neglected each other. We have learned the importance of dating and making time for each other as much as we do for our little family. We have found our love for each other again.