Female 50s - Online, Face to Face, Walk & Talk.
A long-term client sent this image to describe how counselling feels for her.

Female 88 - Telephone Sessions
I had been feeling low for quite some time. Talking to you was a good and happy experience. It helped me enormously and gave me back my confidence.

Female 30s - Face to Face
Depression was so bad this time it was stopping me going out of the house, affecting my relationships, and I was off on the sick and not really functioning when I came to counselling with you. Thank you for your compassion Annmarie. You made me feel safe to say what I couldn’t put into words before. Dealing with my past together made it bearable. I couldn’t believe what a weight has lifted. I see myself differently now. I sleep better now, I’m back to work and I’m looking after myself. Thank you Annmarie, from my family too.

Male 50s - Face to Face
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. At the lowest point of my life you have listened to me and step by step you have decluttered my brain, dusted it down and reprogrammed it. You are an amazing person with a special gift. I have learnt so much from you that I feel I am ready to start the next chapter of my life with a positive outlook on the future. I am so grateful to you.

Female 31 - Walk and Talk
Walking and talking helped me organise my thoughts and make better sense of what I wanted. I couldn’t always decide what I wanted to do but having had my sessions with Annmarie it helped me realise I always know exactly what I want to do, but I just needed someone else to say my options and my thoughts back to me. It really helped me re-frame my situations which in turn helped me move forward with a lot of things in my life.

Annmarie has a great energy about her which makes you feel like you’re almost talking to a friend. A non judgemental friend. I can’t thank you enough. You really have helped me so much this year. Thanks again.

Male 42 - Online
I sought out counselling at the point at which my marriage had suddenly, and catastrophically, broken down. I found myself in totally unfamiliar territory. Friends and family had rallied around but I felt stuck. After many sleepless nights it eventually became clear to me that I needed to speak to someone in a therapeutic capacity. I was lost, exhausted and confused by it all. Our counselling sessions have made all the difference, Annmarie. With your support I’ve been able to acknowledge my feelings and my sense of loss; to sit with my pain and then begin to heal. I can honestly say that had it not been for your counsel I would have almost certainly remained oblivious to the thoughts, ideas and behaviours that characterised the deterioration of the relationship or had since caused undue distress. Through counselling I’ve become open to new ways of thinking about and making sense of the events that have unfolded in my life and in doing so I’ve come to know myself far better. Counselling has helped me to take a traumatic life event and tackle it constructively and with courage. I will be forever in your debt. Thank you!

Female 32 - Telephone and Walk & Talk
I had refused or avoided counselling in the past as I felt that I was stronger or it was easier to ignore the problems. Counselling with you taught me to express myself in a safe place, free from judgement, and gave me the tools to acknowledge my issues, and begin to heal.

Male 26 - Online
I came to Annmarie during a particularly severe patch of bad mental health, where my anxiety and panic were almost unbearable and I felt I could not cope. She calmed me down and helped me over our session to rationalise the negative thought spiral I had gotten myself into. She listened attentively and took her time to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. While I’ve only had one session with Annmarie, I have recommended her to friends and family, and it is a real comfort to know that she’s there if I ever need to talk to someone.Thanks again for being there.

Male 34 - Online and Face to Face
Counselling with Annmarie allowed me to put things into perspective and stopped me from making what could have been the biggest mistake of my life!

Female 20s - Face to Face
I can’t thank Annmarie enough for all the support and advice she has provided me with in my final year of university.

I went into university being told that it would be “the best years of my life” but quickly figured out it was actually really difficult and that friendships, relationships and all that uni life brings with it can actually be very complicated and often overwhelming. Having reached a breaking point with it all, Annmarie was a total godsend.

I have never felt so at ease and comfortable to talk about everything that I was struggling with. Annmarie helped me to work out and establish boundaries that helped me to re-balance the world around me. She helped me to come to terms with things that I hadn’t allowed myself to process before which has left me feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I noticed a change in myself almost immediately after starting counselling which is a testament to how amazing it is.

I couldn’t regard counselling and Annmarie more highly. I feel like anyone and everyone would benefit from it and totally think “the sooner the better”. In my opinion, counselling can be the best thing you can do for yourself, even if the problems seem minor.

It has set me up for the next chapter of my life in such a positive way and I will forever be indebted to Annmarie for the way she so kindly and supportively transformed the way I regard myself, the people around me and situations I would previously have found difficult.

Female 20s - Face to Face
I came to counselling to gain a better understanding of my reactions and feelings towards certain situations which had arisen in my life, how this is impacted by the past and also my own behaviours. Annmarie creates a very comfortable and safe environment in which I felt able to open up and share things which have previously been very difficult things to discuss. Annmarie allowed me to take everything at my own pace and gave me activities to complete at home if I wished to. I have gained a whole new perspective since my counselling with Annmarie and it has greatly improved my quality of life, confidence and also my relationships with family, friends, my boyfriend  and myself. Therefore I would urge anyone contemplating beginning counselling to take that plunge with Annmarie as it will be the best thing you have ever done!

Female 20s - Face to Face
I was looking for counselling to help with some issues I was having with my relationship, as I was feeling unheard and unappreciated but recognised that the problem was coming from myself and not from my partner. I found Annmarie on Counselling Directory and thought she would suit what I wanted perfectly. I was nervous before attending my first session but Annmarie was so warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease immediately, I think I just spoke non-stop for the whole session and she let me get everything off my chest that I needed. I found Annmarie so easy to talk to which helped me feel comfortable bringing whatever I needed to each session. Annmarie was knowledgeable and provided loads of insight and information which I was able to use to help change my thought patterns and behaviours in order to improve my relationship, both with my partner and also with myself. I would definitely recommend counselling with Annmarie, I noticed a huge improvement in how I was feeling throughout our sessions and have been able to continue putting these positive changes in place. My partner also noticed a big change in me and recognised the benefits from my counselling sessions. If I was to need counselling again in future I wouldn't hesitate to return to see Annmarie, I felt like the sessions were incredibly helpful and that nothing was a bother for her.
Thank you so much for your help Annmarie!

Female 30s - Walk & Talk
Annmarie is an extremely skilled and compassionate therapist. We worked together when I was having complex anxiety issues and some depression. Annmarie is very warm and caring, her attention to detail is also very impressive. She would remember everything I told her about my situation at each session, which made me feel as though she fully understood me. I felt as though Annmarie was fully invested in helping me. I have been taught various coping strategies to help with my anxiety, which I have found invaluable and I still use, when required. The improvement in my mental health since having support from Annmarie is incredible and I feel confident again. I would highly recommend Annmarie, my experience with her has been life changing!

Female 20s - Online
I came to counselling for help with work-related anxiety and self-doubt. I’ve had counselling a number of times since my teen years for anxiety related issues, and Annmarie is the first therapist I’ve really connected with. She put me at ease straight away, made me feel listened to, supported and understood and always had insightful reflections to share. Working with Annmarie helped me to rebuild my self-confidence, recognise and correct negative thought patterns, understand myself better and feel happier and stronger. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Annmarie to anyone who is looking for a great counsellor; she’s amazing at what she does.  

Female 20s - Online and Face to Face 
I came to counselling as I have struggled with my mental health for most of my life. I had previously utilised NHS mental health talking therapies services and had felt like, alongside medication, this helped me a lot more than medication alone. I wanted to continue counselling in a space that wasn't limited to a maximum number of sessions like I had encountered before.

I have found working with Annmarie extremely easy. She is so easy to talk to and work with, in a judgement free zone.

I have gained a lot of clarity and reassurance from counselling. It has helped me make clearer decisions, resolve issues or recurrent thoughts that I had, had for quite some time and has allowed me to find a space in which I can feel free to discuss topics that have been difficult for me to talk about previously.

I would recommend counselling to anyone who has considered it, for me personally, I find it an essential part of my life and is one of the most important parts of my self-care. I believe it can be a useful tool for anyone to feel more comfortable and happy within themselves.

Female 60s - Face to Face 
I came to counselling as I had anxiety and trouble sleeping
I found Annmarie approachable, calming and professional and I felt at ease with her. After a counselling session I felt my jumbled thoughts were put in order in my mind and I felt less anxious. The breathing techniques really helped to calm me and I still use them.
I now have a more positive attitude because of Annmarie’s counselling.
I would recommend Annmarie and would use counselling again if I needed to.

Female 60s - Face to Face 
I came to counselling as I knew I had a few issues from when I was a child which also lead into my marriage. I found Annmarie very welcoming and calming to talk too, she was never judgemental she listened and gave insight into my problems. Making me understand that some of my feeling were acceptable.

Female 20s - Face to Face
I was very scared about starting therapy. I put it off over and over again for several years and usually found excuses to not commit. Annmarie is the first counsellor that stuck by me and understood my apprehension completely, speaking to me over the phone and working at my pace. Once I finally booked my first appointment, I was so relieved walking into the therapy room to find such a calm cosy environment with comfy chairs and soft lighting. From the very first conversations I felt safe and at ease talking to Annmarie, her encouragement to commit to therapy allowed me to commit to myself again. I spoke to Annmarie about things I had never spoken aloud to anyone before including about an abusive relationship and deep-rooted family troubles. She always treats me with respect, she helps me confront the truth in a gentle thoughtful way often using research informed practices to guide our conversations to productive outcomes. She always remembers details of my life and makes me feel truly heard and understood. Speaking to Annmarie taught me to regain control of my story and put the spotlight back onto my wants and needs - something I have neglected to do for a very long time. I would recommend her services to anyone, she's genuinely changed my outlook on my life and I am so grateful.

Female 30s - Face to Face
I wanted to start counselling to help feel settled again after a number of life upheavals encompassing a lot of grief. Annmarie was completely professional but so welcoming and kind. She tailored sessions to whatever I needed which fluctuated with whatever was happening in my life at the time. I started with walk and talk sessions and found them really helpful in easing into the process. As the weather worsened over winter we moved sessions inside by which point I was completely at ease. Counselling helped me to acknowledge the direction I wanted my life to go and gave me a safe space to talk when I didn’t feel like I had another outlet. Annmarie was clearly focused on helping me reach a point where I didn’t feel I needed that extra support, but I am open to returning to it should the need arise again. I always felt safe and respected and assured in terms of confidentiality and professionalism. I would whole heartedly recommend counselling with Annmarie to anyone considering it.

Male 30s - Face to Face
I originally wanted to see a counsellor as I was struggling with overwhelming anxiety and was frustrated with why. After initially speaking to Annmarie for a telephone consultation, I immediately knew I had taken the right steps. We have face to face sessions and I feel welcomed, comfortable, supported and feel non-judged. This put me at ease to open up and explore what was happening with me and why. Having counselling and someone to champion you and help you thrive is the best decision I made for my well-being. It’s an effective tool to just dig deeper into emotions and ways to deal with the world you face. I would highly recommend counselling to anyone who is finding life a bit tough. It’s certainly been a positive step for me, and I wouldn’t look back now I’m on this journey.