Mindfulness offers clients a way to deal with busy minds, anxious, intrusive or negative thoughts and distractions. The accompanying breath work can be very calming and rebalancing for the nervous system.

This is very current but mindfulness has ancient roots. Mindful practice requires exactly that - practice. It can help you to recognise the busy, relentless and intrusive nature of thoughts. Mindfulness helps you to hit the pause button and just be in the moment. You can take your mindful practice into many areas of your life. Practice involves being aware of your breath, being in the present and noticing thoughts and letting them be. Your experience of daily life can be enriched by ongoing practice.

Moments of stress and mental fatigue can be alleviated by mindfulness there and then, but ongoing practice can have far-reaching effects on your mood, stress-levels, sleep, enjoyment of life. I can teach you mindfulness methods and how to develop your practice. I can do mindfulness practice with you in therapy sessions if that’s what you need and want. This can be whatever feels comfortable for you: from short breathing exercises and individual mindfulness exercises to longer relaxation sessions and training for you so that you can practice mindfulness out of the session and incorporate it into your daily life.