This is very different to counselling. It is conversation based and structured. First we have our initial consultation, information mining and goal setting. It can help you work towards solutions to work, life or relationship problems. It helps you to devise a clear critical path through a project or challenge.

​My own approach to coaching is to help you to recognise and build on your strengths. Coaching can help you to become better at self-management, to have greater self-awareness, positivity and effectiveness. It can support you to make changes in the here and now for the long-term.​

Coaching has many effective models. I will select the one which I think is most suited to you. I may integrate some therapeutic approaches if they would be helpful for you.

​Regardless of the approach, clients often say that they feel lighter and more motivated after coaching; with strategies to take away and put into practice. Coaching is empowering, it helps you get in touch with your personal efficacy and the version of yourself you most want to be.